Co-op Victoria sponge cake mix.

Roo absolutely loves to bake and always asks to buy the character cake mixes when we’re out and about but they’re never suitable for allergy sufferers.

We were in the co-op and found a Victoria sponge cake mix so we settled on that and his choice of food colourings for decoration. He absolutely loved making them as it was so easy he could practically do it completely himself.

Unlike a lot of allergy free products these cakes are extremely soft, bouncy and have an amazing flavour. They’re not at all claggy or chewy, which is what we often find. They took 10 minutes to make and 20 to bake and worked really well as cupcakes rather than a large cake. The mix yields 18 cupcakes. We have frozen some to avoid waste and to see if they hold up well to freezing but we’re yet to defrost and try these ones so we’ll update you on them soon!

Heres some photos of Roos mission to make some yummy cakes. We hope you find this useful, we will definitely be purchasing these again!



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