Doves Farm brand review. 

We were recently lucky enough to receive a couple of items from Doves Farm to try, test and review. We have always loved the Doves Farm products we had tried before receiving the parcel so we were super excited to try a couple of new products. They definitely did not disappoint! 
We will review each of the products we kindly received and I’ll also link to the recipes we have already posted using the products. We will link to where you can purchase the products also so you can easily get hold of them.


Gluten free plain flour! 

This has got to be the most used of all of the products we received. It is so incredibly versatile and the quality is amazing. 

The blend already includes xantham gum so we have not needed to add that into any recipes. We have found with other brands that even though xantham gum is included that we still need to add extra to achieve the same results as we receive with Doves Farm. 

We have used this to create everything from biscuits to pizza bases and everything has been delicious and worked really well.

Gluten free Self raising flour 

We used this flour to make this years Christmas cake. It was the first time we’ve ever made an allergy friendly Christmas cake and so we made a couple so we could test before wrapping one away for Christmas. Again this included xantham gum and therefore we didn’t need to add any into the recipe. I haven’t found a lot of recipes that call for self raising flour and so the Christmas cake has been the best test so far. We did try the cake with an alternative brand of self raising flour and I did find the Doves Farm to work best.

Gluten free bread flour 
So far, Doves Farm has been the only brand of gluten free bread flour we have found and trialled. We love it. So far we have used it for pizza bases and French bread sticks. As with the plain and self raising blends the bread flour contains xantham gum and so you don’t need to add it into recipes. It gives a beautiful flavour and texture to the products we have baked so far and we will definitely be repurchasing and using it again.

Gluten free corn flakes
I always find it difficult to find good quality, allergy friendly cereals for roo. I don’t like him to have sugar laden cereals every morning, so when we’re not having pancakes or a bacon and eggs type of breakfast we like for reach for a good quality cereal such as cornflakes or weetabix. 

Roo loved the cornflakes with coconut milk and asked for them every morning for a week. He finished the box within a fortnight, eating them for breakfast and supper almost daily. We have already repurchased these once and they are going to be a firm favourite for a long time to come. 

We would definitely recommend these to anyone looking for a good quality, healthy breakfast. 

Apple and sultana flapjacks 
Wow! These were absolutely delicious. When we’re out and about I always like to pack snack bars for Roo so he has a healthy snack to hand rather than falling into the trap of sweets and crisps. We normally go for things like nakd and good full stop bars. While these are delicious they’re nowhere near as filling as the doves farm flapjacks. We managed to make our first box last 3 days before I repurchased. We will definitely be keeping these as a staple on our shopping list. We only wish we could buy bigger boxes to stock up! We definitely recommend these to anyone looking for a tasty and filling snack. 

Lemon zest cookies 
Roo and I love a biscuit with a cup of tea, or warm milk for roo. We have tried numerous different biscuits and cookies since roo was diagnosed with allergies. Some have been hits and some misses but these were a definite hit. They aren’t overly lemony but you can definitely taste the flavour. They are crunchy and hold up well to dipping in a warm drink. I think I enjoyed them more than Roo but they are on the definite list for repurchasing. 

Gluten free brown rice pasta and gluten free maize and rice pasta. 
We have found a lot of free from pastas to be stodgy and claggy once cooked and not the most enjoyable to eat. We were really excited to try these when the parcel arrived. To be honest we didn’t hold high hopes due to the other pastas we had tried previously but these blew all expectations out of the water. They cooked quickly, were not stodgy at all and tasted beautiful. We have enjoyed both of these pastas plain, with various sauces and made into pasta bakes. We will definitely be purchasing these again and avoiding the stodgy brands from the past. 

We find the whole range of Doves Farm products to be well priced, amazing quality and easily available. We would recommend the range to anyone looking for gluten free alternatives to standard products. 

We hope you’ve found this review helpful! 


 We find the Doves Farm brand to be reasonably priced and easily available. There is a selection of the products in all of our local supermarkets (Asda, Tesco and Sainsbury’s) and you can also find the products at Holland and Barrett, Waitrose, Ocado, Morrisons and on the Doves Farm website.



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