Valentine’s Day Recipe Round up. 

I’m so excited to bring this to you. Over the last few weeks we have been collaborating with 11 other food bloggers around the globe to bring you a selection of recipes perfect to treat your loved ones this Valentine’s Day. 

Not all of the original recipes are allergy friendly, but most with a few tweaks can be easily transformed into an allergy friendly version. Where I can, I’ll add my notes about what I would change to make the recipes as free from as possible.

1 – Vegan Chocolate Mousse, 2 ways

This is, of course, one of our most recent recipes and free from gluten, dairy, soya and eggs. 

2- Heart Shaped pizzas and Sweetheart drink.

To make this allergy friendly you could use our pizza dough recipe and swap the ice cream in the sweetheart drink for a dairy and soya free version. We find a great vanilla ice cream in Tesco frozen free from section. 

3 – Marbled Strawberry Pancakes

This recipe again isn’t allergy friendly in its current form, however you could use our coconut flour pancakes or American pancake recipe to make this recipe allergy friendly. 

4 – Strawberry Red Velvet Cupcakes

To make this recipe allergy friendly, follow our red velvet cupcake recipe and add the puréed strawberries in at the end. Fold through carefully. 

5- Boeuf Bourguignon

This recipe is mainly allergy friendly as is. The only thing you need to change is the flour for a gluten free version! Also ensure the stock you use is gluten free. 

6 – Spinach and Mushroom Ravioli in champagne cream sauce.

Unfortunately, I can’t tell you how to make this one perfectly allergy friendly as I’ve never made fresh home made pasta before. But it is on our list to try so keep your eyes peeled. 

7 – Truffles with Peanut Butter and Brownies

For the peanut butter truffles ensure the butter and chocolate is dairy free and you’re good to go! The Brownie truffles may be slightly more difficult as you need to make an allergy friendly brownie from scratch. Watch this space and we’ll post a brownie recipe soon that should work well here. 

8 – Strawberry filled choux pastry

Choux pasty is a difficult one to make allergy free. We will update if we come up with the perfect allergen friendly version. 
9 – Creamy Chicken Carbonara

This recipe is mainly fine if you swap out the standard spaghetti for a gluten free version. It’s hard to find a cream alternative that is dairy and soya free but if you can tolerate soya there is soya creams out there. You can also buy a Parmesan style cheese by Violife that you can easily swap here. If you can’t find a cream alternative, you can use just the egg and stir well at the same place in the original recipe. 

10 – Axomiya Payokh

Swap out the full cream milk for a tin of full fat coconut milk and this will be allergy friendly too! 

11 – Mimosa Bar

12 – Paleo Brownie

This recipe is great, it’s already Gluten, Dairy and Soya free! 

I hope you’ve enjoyed this roundup of recipes from around the globe. Share some love with my fellow bloggers and let them know what you think of their recipes. 

Let me know if you’d like to see more posts like this in the future. 


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