M&S White Bread Mix. Gluten, Dairy and Soya Free. 

I love baking bread. The smell, the taste and the experience makes it all worth while for me. Often gluten free bread can be difficult to get right. And the packet mixes we have tried before havnt turned out well! The results have ranged from doorstop worthy to a horrible sloppy mess. 

However, I can definitely say we have found a winner in the Marks and Spencer’s White bread mix. It was extremely simple to make, took little actual work and is absolutely delicious. Slightly crisp and crunchy on the outside and beautifully light and soft in the centre, it is everything you would want from a homemade loaf of bread. 

The only extras you add to the mixture are egg white, water and oil. At £2 for the mixture the completed bread still comes in at less than many off the shelf loaves of gluten free bread. 

Its budget friendly on your time too, with about 5 minutes work you can have a beautiful loaf of bread. After the dough is prepared you do need to leave it to prove for approximately 60 minutes and it will then take upto 45 minutes to bake. However, I checked ours after 33 minutes and it was cooked perfectly. Any longer and it would have burnt, so do remember all appliances vary and use your own common sense when baking. 

The bread is absolutely delicious, has an amazing texture and holds up well with no excess crumbling or breaking apart. It slices well with a sharp knife and we havnt experienced the normal dipping you get when cutting other loaves of bread. It toasts well too and stores for upto 3 days in a well sealed bread bag or bread bin. 

We have already enjoyed a slice, still warm from baking with (dairy free) butter and jam and Roo had enjoyed a few slices toasted with butter. 

We would definitely recommend this product to anyone looking for a quick and easy way to make a beautiful, homemade loaf of bread. 
*This post is in no way sponsored. All thoughts are our own.*


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