Pancake Day Recipe Round up! 

It’s almost pancake day/shrove Tuesday here in the UK so I thought I would put together a quick round up of our pancake recipes. There’s also a couple of non allergy recipes for anyone who doesn’t need to worry too much and would like to try something new. 

We love pancakes, so a day dedicated to them is the perfect excuse to eat them!

 What toppings do you all enjoy? We love mixing it up depending on how we’re feeling. With our fluffy American style pancakes we like; syrups, berries, chocolate spread and yogurt. With our crepes we like the traditional lemon and sugar  normally but Roo does enjoy syrup and fruit with these too. 

Coconut Flour Pancakes – Gluten, Dairy and Soya Free.

American Style Pancakes – Gluten, Dairy, Soya and Egg free!

Crepes – Gluten Dairy and Soya Free.

Check out these other recipes from some other amazing food bloggers. They look divine! 

Apple pie Brown Butter Pancakes –

How good do these look? And even better they’re gluten free and have a dairy free option! 

American Chocolate Chip Pancakes –

These look so tasty! The recipe is in Swedish and English, you will find the English version toward the bottom of the page. You could use our American pancake recipe to recreate these! 

We hope this has inspired you in time for Pancake Day! Keep flipping everyone 😁


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