Real Good Tomato Ketchup Review! 

We were very kindly sent a bottle of the new Real Good Tomato Ketchup a few weeks ago to put to the taste test. I had already read some online reviews and everything seemed positive so I was really looking forward to putting it to the test. The fact it contains 70% less sugar, no refined sugar and is completely allergen friendly was of course a massive bonus for us. 

Roo has Ketchup with a lot of his meals, what kid doesn’t! So, I knew we would have ample opportunities to try this out. I knew I wouldn’t get an amazing “review” out of him as he’s only 3 but I think the best you could wish for out of a pre schooler is exactly the reaction I got. He couldn’t tell any difference to the “big brand” he normally eats and even exclaimed it was “mmmmm delicious!”  Of course with a reaction like that I had to try it myself and I completely agree with him. 

You can really taste the tomatoes and there is not so much sweetness to this ketchup as to other brands we have previously used. To me, that is definitely a bonus. If I’m going to eat tomato sauce I want to taste the tomato! We have tried this with scrambled eggs, chips, cooked breakfast, fish fingers and chicken nuggets (and probably more!). It has never disappointed and only enhanced the meals we have used it with. 

Of course, we’re all about the allergies and the Real Good Tomato Ketchup doesn’t disappoint on that front either. It is completely Gluten, Dairy, Soya, Egg, Nut and Yeast free so we have no worries what so ever about using this. It is suitable for Vegans, Diabetics and of course children. The ingredients are completely plant based and it contains no refined sugar at all, which means it has 70% less sugar than other leading brands. Less sugar is always a bonus in my opinion, especially where children are concerned. 

I will definitely be purchasing this again and steer away from the old brands we used to use. You can find a list of Stockists here

My only hope is that they release larger bottles soon as we can go through a bottle of this size relatively quickly. 

The Ketchup also won a bronze award at the 2017 free from food awards. 

I would and have recommended this to anyone who eats tomato ketchup already. It won’t disappoint and I’m sure more and more people will convert to a lower sugar option. 

Let us know your thoughts if you try this out. I would love to hear what everyone else thinks! 

You can find Real Good ketchup on FacebookTwitter and at their Website

*We were sent this Ketchup for free in return for a full review, however all thoughts are my own and are uninfluenced by the complimentary nature of the product.* 


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