Live Lagom, a fresh look.

So this is something a little different from me but it is definitely something that links with our ethics and plan for the new year.

A few months ago I applied for the Live Lagom project with IKEA, and we were lucky enough to be chosen as one of the participants in our area. In November we attended the first workshop for our introduction to Live Lagom and it made me so inspired and excited to start the journey.

As part of the journey I had to set a New Years resolution and I decided on reducing food waste. This resolution then helped to make the decision on which products I would purchase with the £100 gifted to us by IKEA to achieve our goals.

Fortolig Food storage containers

Fortolig Glass Food Storage Containers After the initial workshop where we met with the Live Lagom leaders within the Gateshead store, I returned to IKEA with an idea about the items I needed to achieve my goal of reducing food waste.Korken Bottle with stopper

Korken Bottle with Stopper

The items I chose were mainly for food storage including a selection of Fortolig glass food storage and a huge array of Korken jars and bottles. These have been so amazingly useful and were filled within half an hour of getting home. Not only has it made the cupboards tidier but it has made it easier to see what we have and easier to store all of the open packets.

As I bake and cook so often I have a huge selection of spices, herbs and home baking items. The jars were a godsend to organise all of the items and I will always be able to see when I am due to run out and will “hopefully” have no more spilled by packets falling out of cupboards.

Ikea 365+ Dry Food storage container

Ikea 365+ Dry Food storage container

Roo loves helping himself at breakfast time and I wanted some containers that made it easier for him to do so and risked less being wasted by being spilled. These containers are the perfect size and with the airtight lid they are perfect for storing dry food.

The remaining products I went for were a range of steamer inserts for cooking, some beautiful wooden serving ware and a wire basket which I have used for storing open short life boxes and packets and produce.

I cant wait to carry on this journey over the next 6 months and see how much we can reduce our food waste by. I already have a list of more items I can’t wait to get a hold of to help achieve the goal. 2018 is definitely the year to change our ways and consider what is actually going in the bin. With over 7 million tonnes of food and drink being wasted in the UK every year there is definitely a huge amount of room for improvement. I can’t wait to take you on our journey and show you how we use some of the products we were lucky enough to purchase.

For more information on Live Lagom visit the Ikea website here.


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