About us…

Welcome :). I hope you’re enjoying the blog so far. My name is Rebecca and my little “Roo” is now 3 years old.

We first entered the world of allergies in February 2016 when Roo’s dietician and paediatrician advised to remove wheat, dairy, soya and eggs from his diet. Initially this was to try and resolve ongoing bowel issues.

I was lost. I didn’t have a clue about how much of his diet would have to change or what on earth he would actually be able to eat. He has always struggled with gaining weight and all I seemed to find on supermarket shelves boasted how few calories the products contained. How could I continue to feed him nutritious, healthy meals without risking him losing weight.

I set about searching the Internet for advice, recommendations and recipes. Many of the blogs I stumbled across focused on one of the main allergens, gluten or dairy. Many of the recipes I found weren’t suitable as they didn’t exclude all of the allergens we had to avoid. There are blogs and websites out there however that do cater for multiple allergies. They’re just harder to find. The next problem was a lot of the information I found was American. While useful it did add an extra step into the process of researching as I had to find alternatives for the products they recommended.

Its easy for someone to say you get used to it and in time it becomes second nature. In ways I agree with that statement. You do get used to shopping for allergy sufferers. However, I do not believe it becomes second nature or gets easier. Ingredients are changed all the time. One week you can safely buy a pack of biscuits and the next they’re no longer safe. You just get used to checking the ingredients on every packaged item you buy.

I hope you find this blog useful and enjoy some of the recipes on here. Feel free to contact me with questions or comments any time. I will try and credit the original creators of any recipes I’ve tried and tasted from other sites and recipe books.